Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big News around here

I'm such a bad blogger. I'm so sorry for not updating more often.

Lots has happened since my last update!

When we left off, we'd started Prednisone again. It seems to slowly be helping. We've bumped the dose up twice, so she's now at 20mg/day (when she started at 10mg/day). We definitely see a difference in her appetite & disposition (she's a bit grumpier), but it's NOTHING like ACTH life. She gets benadryl at bedtime to help with sleeping, but naps are often a struggle.

Her spasms have definitely decreased in frequency. She often has days with only one or two clusters (instead of 7-10 clusters daily that we were at). We email w/Dr. Bow Tie weekly to check in & keep the pressure on about the Ganaxolone study.

Speaking of the study, it STILL isn't ready to go yet. It's very frustrating! There's a bunch of red tape they're trying to get through ("who will paaaaaay for the nurse to do blood draws???") internally at Children's, and they're waiting on Marinus's final approval as well. I gently nudge Dr. Bow Tie about it each week, and hope that one day soon we'll have a start date.

The other Big News is that we bought a new house!!! We bought the house next door to my mom & dad! WHEE!! It is going to be wonderful living next door to them! The house is bigger too, which will be great for all our crap. There is a rec-room in the basement which will double as our TV room & playroom for the kids. I'm so excited to have a bigger, dedicated area for kid stuff. At my twin club's rummage sale this weekend, I bought a kitchen for the kids! Hank loves to play with the one at our Toddler Group through Lily's early intervention. I also bought a little pint-sized picnic table for our deck off the dining room. I can't wait to make peanut butter & jelly for the kids & eat outside this summer.

We close on May 9 & will probably move the following weekend. We were fortunatley able to work out a great situation with my brother & he and his girlfriend are buying our current hosue from us! This allows us to stay in our house until we close, and not have to do any cleaning/staging to have it listed with an agent. We're also able to take our time packing & getting ready to go.

The biggest drawback to moving is that LIly has to change centers where she gets her birth-to-three services. We're moving into a different county (we live about 6 blocks north of the county line; our new house is about 6 blocks SOUTH of the county line, oy!), and therefore we have to switch early intervention centers for Lily. :( :( :( :( I"m so sad to be leaving Little Red!! THey've been SOO good to us, and I'll be very sad to leave all our therapists. The new center, Wonderland, seems like it'll be great, but it's still a hard switch. It seems like they'll offer a bit more flexibility in terms of what kinds of therapy to give to LIly & where. For instance, we can sign up fro a class in the community, or at our local pool & coordinate it with our therapist & they'll go to the class with us. That woudl work really well as it would give me 1-on-1 time with Hank, plus Lily would get services in the "natural environment" (thank you NCLB! Grumble, grumble). The offer a Toddler class, but unfortunately it's full right now. We're on a waiting list but since we're lookign for two openings (they also take typically developing kids), it could be a while.

The BIGGEST bummer is that Little REd offers a preschool for their students once they turn two. My kids were going to go to it in the fall. It's twice a week for two hours each time. Wonderland doesn't have anything like that, which totally bums me out. I'm going to look into a couple other Birth to Three programs in our county, specifically Boyer Clinic, and the Experimental Education Unit at the UW as well. Wonderland is TERRIBLY convenient though, only about 1/4 mile away from our new house. I don't know. It's hard. She's going to age out of Birth to Three in a year & will matriculate into the school district, so I don't know if I really want to get super involved in a program that services Seattle Schools. However, the EEU has classes for SN & Typical kids too, so that'd be good. I think there's a waiting list though...

I know it will all work out for the best, but it's making me very sad to think about saying goodbye to our wonderful therapists.

The other thing we've had done since my last update is we had our opthamologist appointment at the beginnign of the month. We were thrilled to learn that Lily has PERFECT eye sight!!! No problems, no concerns, nothing. There aren't many things that we hear doctors say are "normal" about Lily, so it was thrilling to hear the doctor say, "Lily's eyes are perfectly normal & she sees as well as other kids her age!" WHEE!!!!!!!!

I expect the next few weeks to be very busy with our preparations to move, but I hope to keep the blog updated as we trasnition from Little Red to Wonderland. Since EI is such a big part of our life & schedule, it'll be good to keep it updated here.