Friday, August 28, 2009

The proverbial "How can we help" question, ANSWERED!

We often get asked, "How can we help?" or "Let us know if we can help out in any way!" We are so fortunate to have such a wide and supportive network.

It can be hard for families who are in the middle of raising a special needs kiddo to come up with specific things that folks can do to help, but the bottom line is we ALWAYS need help!

Lily's is making great strides this year with her new therapies and medications. Unfortunately, even with (arguably) the best insurance in the company, it doesn't cover everything and our budget is maxed out.

I (Katie) have become an Independent Consultant with Discovery Toys. Ever heard of them? AWESOME toys where kids learn by playing. Fantastic quality with a lifetime guarantee. I played with Discovery Toys when I was little and I think we still have several of the toy sets!

I would love to host a party for anyone in the greater Seattle area, or feel free to shop directly through my website:

100% of the proceeds from these sales go directly toward offsetting the cost of Lily's therapy. This isn't a little endeavor of mine to pay for pedicures and lattes (although that would be nice!). This is 100% intended to help pay for therapy for Lily. If it is successful enough, we'd like to add therapy hours someday & see how much more progress Lily can make!


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