Friday, June 13, 2008

Lily is great!

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Lily is doing really well these days.

We've increased her diet ratio to 3:1, and have definitely seen a decrease in her seizures. She now maybe has only 3 or 4 spasms in a day, and we've even had a few seizure-free days! WOO!!!

We have Lily's IEP meeting tomorrow to write her education plan for the school district tomorrow. I'm nervous, but have gotten AMAZING advice from my good friend Shawna.

We've been able to decrease Lily's Topamax by 2/3rds now, which has made a HUGE difference in her alertness & interaction. It's just so amazing to see our Lily wake up.

Our BIG NEWS is that we are participating in the Epilepsy Foundation Northwest Walk on Saturday, June 21st. Please consider donating to this amazing organization promoting advocacy, education, and research.