Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meal time & Lily's Big Girl Bed!

So we got this nifty little Flip Video Camera after reading a post in Miss Mira's Blog. Since then we've been taking all these little video clips and it's just a GREAT little camera. I adore it.

Recently we took a video during dinner where Lily was particularly happy. I didn't write about it much here, but while she was on the keto diet, mealtime was...challenging. Lily really didn't like the food, and she was so frustrated that she couldn't feed herself. (Since it is imperative that all the food make it into her mouth, and Lily isn't really the...tidiest...eater, we couldn't let her self-feed.) Anyways, we took a video back in November to show our neurologist how difficult the meals were for Lily (which we ended up not showing him as we took her off the diet in December). So today I put the two videos together in a little compare/contrast to share with everyone here.

About nine months, maybe a year ago, we bought Hank his Big Boy bed. Lily was still in her crib. She got to be too big to lift out, so we took the rail of her crib and used a saftey rail. Unfortunately, she just didn't understand and would pull up on it and topple over. This arrangement only lasted a week or so until I just took the crib down completely & Lily has been sleeping on her crib mattress ever since.

A few weeks ago Lily learned how to climb up on things, including the couch and Hank's bed! Ever since she kind of figured that out, she's been insistent on sleeping in Hank's bed. We'd go in to get her up in the mornings, and find her asleep in Hank's bed.

She just had something about either being in a real bed or being with her brother. We indulged her while worring a little about her safety, but she's done really well. So this weekend we went to IKEA and bought Lily her OWN Big Girl Bed. We got coordinating blankets and curtains and everything. Todd & I spent all day today putting the room together, and Lily is asleep in her Big Girl Bed right now!

Walking into the room:

Here's the twins' beds pushed together.

Putting Lily down:

Tucking in:

Brother Snuggles:

G'nite babies!

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baby trevor's mommy said...

Is there anything sweeter than watching your kids interact with eachother? Love the snuggle-bed idea! Bristel (Trevy's big sis) has the same IKEA bed...we may have to steal your idea!