Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The first day of school!

First things first: Lily's MRI on Friday was NORMAL. This means she is not having the same side effect of vigabatrin that she had last time she was on it. HOORAY! Vigabatrin has been a great medication for helping control seizures (though we're not seizure free), and I would have been VERY disappointed to have to take her off of it. I think it's been great for her development as well.

Today was the first day of preschool for Hank & Lily. As I've mentioned before, Lily's school is piloting an inclusion program so Hank gets to attend with Lily 2 days each week. On those two days, they take the bus together just like big kids!

Of course, Hank had to Jam before leaving:

Picture at home:

Walking Lily up the driveway:

Walking to the bus stop

The bus is here!

Hank is on the bus!

All buckled in!

Away they go! *sniffle*

Of course, I had to follow the bus to school and make sure everyone arrived safely. With a non-verbal child, it's just imperative to make sure all the transitions go smoothly.

Hank arrived OK!

Here comes Lily! She needs lots of help coming down the steps.

In her chariot, waiting to go play!

Lily was SOUND asleep on the bus ride home!

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