Friday, June 15, 2007

Home from the hospital, WHEW

Well, we made it through our first admission & 24-hr vEEG. It actually went better than her first 24hr EEG went back in January. We originally asked for a crib, but once we got to the room, we realized that a regular bed would be much easier as then we could sit on the bed & hold her on our lap.

Turns out that was the right choice, and she did really, really well. Her EEG is still abnormal, however she doesn't have constant hypsarrhythmia. She does have a modified hyps while sleeping. It was tough that Lily didn't go to sleep until around 11:00pm on the 1st night (her normal bedtime is 7:00pm), and then she was awake from about 2:30-5:00am.

playing on the bed (you can really see how flexible she is in this picture!)

all smiles!

resting on mama

the hospital has a program where volunteers bring in their dogs for visits. We visited with a lovely woman & her chihuahua, Robert Henri (pronounced rho-bear, Ahn-ree)

On Wed, Thu & this morning, Lily was just in for observation during the start of the study. We received her 1st dose on Wednesday, mid-day. We don't know if it is placebo. We haven't noticed any huge changes in Lily, but she maybe just isn't titrated up to the appropriate dose yet.

Oh, and two days before we left, Lily got her DAFO's (orthotics). She's still trying to figure them out (and we haven't been great about working wiht her in them, given the road trip & hospital stay), but she looks wicked cute in them:

And a couple pictures of the roadtrip (and big-twin-brother, Hank):

My dad arrives tomorrow & Todd leaves on Sunday (boo hoo! We will miss him!). Lily doesn't have to be back at the hospital until Wednesday, and that admission is for only two nights. Hopefully we'll see some seizure improvement over the next few days, or if she's on placebo see some good improvement next week!


Bridget said...

Thinking of you all!!!!

Jean said...

We miss you and are thinking about you!! Keep us posted on how things are going. The pictures on the blog are great.