Sunday, June 10, 2007

Made it to LA!

We arrived in LA at about 6:00pm tonight. Checked into our apartment, and now I'm waiting for pizza to arrive (I'm STARVING, but couldn't order during Sopranos, natch).

The kids were ROCK STARS about the ride down. No melt-downs, whining, or other difficulties. Seriously, they could not have been better -- I'm so proud of them!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping/Target run, and a cursory drive to the hospital so we know where we're going on Tuesday.

Lily's admitted 1st thing on Tuesday morning.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

My 4-month old daughter started the Ganaxolone drug study on June 7. We go back in for our second hospital stay on June 15. Would love to correspond with you on how its going. I just joined the Yahoo infantile spasms group as well and will post there as well.

donnab said...

Best wishes to you Lily. I will be checking in on you hoping and praying this will work for you. I have a grand daughter going through the same thing. I want her to participate in the study, but she must be weaned off of vigabatrin first.

Karen said...

So glad you made it safely! I hope she is doing well with the new treatment! I really dont know much about this one but I really hope it works for her. She is much too precious to be going through this! Sending our best your way!