Monday, March 3, 2008

Not about Lily, per se...

(Quick Lily update -- Lily continues on the Keto Diet, at a 2:1 ratio. She's eating well, but doesn't want to drink anything. She continues to have seizures, but she does seem to be more alert, present & engaged which is very encouraging. We have quite a bit we can tweak with the diet to keep trying for seizure control, so we're still hopeful.)

I know this is a blog about Lily but we had a lovely afternoon today visiting my Granno to take pictures with all my cousins celebrating Granno's 80th birthday this year.

All of Granno's grandchildren recreated the photo we had taken for her at Christmas in 2000.

Here's the original from eight years ago:

And here we are today, with two great grandchildren:

And of course, the lady of honor (doesn't she look absolutely beautiful?):

My brother & I also got to spend a few minutes in Granno's new condo for the first time today. What a fantastic place! I could immediately feel how comfortable Granno was there, and it made me happy to know that she was in a place she felt happy. She has a lovely view of downtown, with a peek of water & mountains too.

It was a lovely day.


Cathy said...

I can't believe your Granno is 80 yrs old!! She is beautiful and young looking!

The diet-hang in there. It took almost 4 months of tweaking the diet to get results. Frustrating I know but it takes time for ketones to build up.

Praying for Lily Bean!!
Noah's Mom

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Wow, what beautiful family pictures! I'll be praying that the new diet improves things for your sweet baby girl. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)